Custom Design FAQ'S


What metals do you work with? We can work in silver and any karat and colour of gold for custom design work.

Can I use my old gold? Generally, no. Gold becomes brittle when it is re-used without first being refined to remove impurities. Using old gold can create problems in appearance and durability such as surface blemishes, cracking or breaking, which is why we highly recommend not using it. However, we can offer you a trade-in value for your gold based on current market prices as a credit towards your custom design.

But sometimes ... yes. In the case that you cannot bear to part with an old piece of jewellery for personal reasons and really want it to be included in the your new peice, we can assess whether we can use it in your new design. Many variables will influence whether it is feasible to use such as the colour and karat of the gold relative to the desired outcome.

Can I use these old gemstones? Yes. Gemstones can be extracted from old or unwanted jewellery and be re-purposed into new designs as long as they are in good shape and compatible for your new design.

How much will it cost? That depends entirely on the scope of the project and it's complexity. Factors that impact price are what metal you want to use, if you have gemstones that can be re-purposed or if we need to source out new ones. If you have a budget in mind we can design to fit into that budget. Prices are different for every job as there are so many variables.

We provide quotes on all orders and require your approval on the design and price before any work is started . A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm your order. Feel free to contact us about a custom design for you.

How long will it take? Once we have agreed on a design it generally takes 4-12 weeks to complete an order. Keep in mind that sourcing gemstones whether it is through us or your family takes time too that needs to be accounted for. The design process itself can be as short as one hour but can last as long as indecision does. That part is up to you.