Designed and made by women for women. Crafted in small batches with integrity, attention to detail and decades of collective experience in the industry, every one of our pieces is made to last. Introducing our team of independent artists, designers and goldsmiths that make your jewellery.

Founder + Designer
kari woo

I strive to create beauty because I think, who doesn't need more beauty in their life?! My aim is to help you simplify and add value to your life by providing you with made to last and effortless jewellery that can accompany you through every moment of your days.

Favourite Drink? Strong fairtrade coffee with lots of cream.

How did you find jewellery making? Literally by accident. While recovering from a snowboarding injury I enrolled in a night class on a whim. It was love at first make and that was almost 30 years ago!

Studio Assistant
Brielle Reeves

Whether it's filling and packaging your orders, twisting and soldering metal, working on the backend of this website or any number of other behind the scenes tasks, Brielle's skilled work is the glue of this operation!

What compelled you to study jewellery? It is not only fun and fulfilling for me, but learning how jewellery can help you explore and express yourself has greatly impacted me and helped me on my path of self discovery.

Favourite Hobby? Definitely reading. I like to keep a count of how many books I've read in a year, and try to beat the number every year.

Production Assistant
Devon Clark

When she isn't arranging flowers by day, Devon can be found working from her studio making one of a kind, bespoke, and exhibition jewellery pieces as well as keeping our jewellery vault stocked with all your favourite pieces.

How did you find jewellery making? I went to Art School after high school with the intention of going into Visual Arts, but I took a Jewellery and Small Object design class in my first year and never looked back. 

Favourite beverage? It’s a toss up between a whiskey sour or a negroni.

Mel Smith - Goldsmith
Mel Smit

Chances are that if you are working with us to realize your dream custom jewelry design that Mel will have a part in bringing that vision to life. Her fine jewellery industry experience and steady stone setting hands are the golden touch on many of our bespoke orders.

Do you live with any animals? Yes, several! A cat, a rabbit, a gecko, a greater siren, four newts and many fresh water fish.

What do you do when you aren't making jewellery? Caring for my small zoo of pets, gardening, cooking, baking, reading, diy projects. Most recently, I’ve been doing some oil painting and learning knitting, embroidery and crochet. 

Virtual Assistant
May Kineyetums

Behind the scenes much time is spent on mundane tasks that can make us feel really accomplished once they are complete. Such tasks include filing millions of digital photos, organizing inventory sheets and systems, zeroing inboxes and working on copy for SEO. Cool right? Well that's May.

Do you live with any animals? I live with a cat named Gracie. She's pretty cool, a bit of a freeloader but I love her. But my dog Kramer (pictured) lives with my former roommates because apartment life is not for him.

Favorite pastime or hobby? I'm not sure if it's considered an official hobby, but I take pictures of sunsets and post them online anonymously.