Sizing Guide


Ring sizes vary from finger to finger and on each hand. If you want to order a ring either as a gift or for yourself you need to have a proper ring size. You can obtain your ring size a couple of ways. 

  • Go to your local jewelry store and ask to have your finger(s) sized. Make sure you record the size properly. 
  • Or you can Click here to download the Printable Ring Sizer Chart. This chart gives you the opportunity to either measure an existing ring you have that fits the desired finger or it also has the option to cut out a sizer to measure your finger. Please make sure it is not too tight and can slip off your finger. 


Necklace lengths look a little different on each individual. If you don’t know your preferred necklace length, follow the directions below.

  • Find a necklace in your jewelry box that is the right length for you. Measure the length of it from end to end.
  • OR you’ll need a piece of string and a ruler, tape or measuring app on your phone. Find your preferred length by wrapping the string around your neck and marking the desired length. Check that length against your measuring device.
  • Find the closest measurement for your desired length of necklace on the image below. These are the standard lengths you can choose from. 


Our cuffs (open at the back) are all measured at the standard length of 6". Our bangles (closed loop) are a standard size at approximately 2.25 - 2.5" diameter. If you need larger or smaller sized bangles please send us a note and we can make a custom size for you. 

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