Quality Control 

​Materials are chosen to last. We use solid sterling silver and gold that are sourced from Canadian refiners so it is sure to be a standard of high quality. When it is possible I use ethically sourced or re-purposed materials such as old gold or family gemstones.

All design and production takes place in independent jewelry design and fabrication studios in Canada. Select processes that our studio is not equipped for are sourced out to local or regional independent businesses. Every other aspect of the work takes place in our studio or that of a colleague whom works on contract with us. We pay living wages and I are very pleasant to work with :)

Crafted with integrity, attention to detail and decades of collective experience in the industry, every one of our pieces is made to last.


Built on the belief that we are stronger together, our company culture is based in supportive actions, staying creative and collaboration over competition. 

We are advocates of the handmade economy. We believe that art can change the world and that creativity is transformational.

We volunteer for local and regional arts organizations that support artistic practices and and the growth of creative culture.


We are driven by original ideas and unique thinking. We do not pay attention to or follow trends, but instead create style-adaptive standout (in an understated way) jewelry for everyday.  Kari has come to be well known for her minimalist design aesthetic and known as a design leader in the field.


We believe that we are stronger together than alone. We love to collaborate with others to create unique events + spaces that offer alternative platforms for artists to show, sell their work and contemplate their creative directions.

We volunteer regularly for local and regional arts organizations that support artistic practices and and the growth of creative culture.

The future and optimism of any discipline, community or practice is in the emerging generation. We believe that mentorship and role modeling are important community building activities for the longevity of our creative discipline and practices.


Designed to last, less really is more. We are not going to greenwash our messaging and tell you that all our materials are ethically sourced or sustainable. We will tell you that we try to use recycled materials whenever possible, but that isn’t always.

If you are having custom jewellery made we do provide you with the option to choose traceable, trackable metals and gemstones, but it costs more. We also have come to specialize in repurposing old jewellery which saves on cost to the client and the earth and has more meaning. 

We aren’t traveling to and from tradeshows any more so we do feel good about our smaller carbon footprint. 

We use recyclable and reusable packing materials whenever possible. 



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