Rewards Program

Our happy customers keep us going. You are our best champions so we wanted to give something back to you with this program. Read on below for some of the current features. We are working on other offerings or ways to redeem your points such as giveaway entries, free shipping, donations to your favorite charities and more.

Refer A Friend

Word of mouth is still the most powerful way to connect to people. If you love what we do tell your friends! Through a custom code you can give them $10 off their next order and you'll get a $10 credit when they make the order.

Sign up

Every time you make a purchase you gather points that can be used for future purchases. Gain points simply for signing up and other actions such as social media follows and shares. Use your rewards whenever you choose.


Birthdays are a big deal! Taking our first breath and each one after that are good reasons to celebrate! Enter your birthday annually for bonus points or a special gift. Add the points together for the piece you've got your eye on!

Ready to join the program?